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Liezel Rubin Photography - Truck Stop Whores - The Sneaky Snake

The Sneaky Snake

The Sneaky Snake

Item Number: LRP4042
Retail Price:$199.95

The Sneaky Snake - A Truck name just doesn't get better than that.

"It's great to live in my neck of the concrete jungle. I have so much at my fingertips to choose from for backdrops. I have industrials buildings galore to choose from, train tracks, bridges, falling down shacks, truck stops, motels and more.

I have been very fortunate that all the other animals in my jungle like to play. I have had limos, hot rods, tow trucks, buses and the good ole boys driving the Big old Semi's share their toys to be used as props. That is why my shoots like "Truck Stop Whores exists - because of the kindness of the streets.

I have had hot rods pull over full of boys offering their services as models and their cars as well. And I have taken full advantage of the gifts my world provides with gratitude."

All prints are individually created to order. As a result, there can be slight variations from print to print. Each print is 11" x 17" and is printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper (Noritsu 3111 or Noritsu 3411). But Liezel approves each print as they are created and signs the print as her written approval of the print.

This is a limited edition of 250 pieces. Once the edition is sold out, this print will not be offered for sale again. Because each print is made when you order it, there can be a slight delay in shipping.

**All Photos Are (c) Liezel Rubin - All Right Reserved. Please contact Liezel Rubin for permission to use photos.

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