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Liezel Rubin Photography - Hookers - The Cherry Whore

The Cherry Whore

The Cherry Whore

Item Number: LRP4038
Retail Price:$199.95

"I first started to do this series because I live in the ghetto which was overrun with crack dealers and prostitutes. I was calling the fuzz at least 3 times a day as well as all my neighbors and the problem was just not going away. One day my father had come over to my house to visit me and upon parking, a hooker attempted to get into his car. He was shocked and even more shocked to learn that the hooker was a man.

Another time, several hookers propositioned my brother on my property. We would find crack pipes on our property and condoms in the street. They had an entire lookout system that went for 2 blocks so that if the fuzz appeared, they would signal the next lookout and on down the line.

The big factor that added to problem was the abundance of motels in our neighborhood. The government has a voucher system and release criminals who have no home address to participating motels. This was where the hookers also did their business as well as the alleys or John's car. For some reason my street was the pick up and drop off point. My series "Motel Tour" began as a statement to the ongoing problem we were experiencing.

I decided that I would do a series of hookers and pimps in different groupings and start touring the seedy motels in my neighborhood. I called my friends and told them of my plan and they were all very willing to participate.

On one said occasion, I had four sexy bitches and a film crew. We started working the motels on PCH. The plan was to work them from one end of town to the other, hitting every motel on PCH. At our second location, we were approached by the Chief of Police who asked what we were doing. I explained to him my predicament with the element around my home. I told him I was expressing myself as an artist with regards to the constant complaints I had expressed to the Police Department. He left saying go ahead but make it quick.

Within 5 minutes we were surrounded by 4 police cars. I knew I was not allowed to photograph them but I knew that we could video tape the encounter. I told my film guy to keep filming. He was not comfortable with it - so I told him just to leave the camera running and film the ground so at least we would get audio. He did not and that was the last I worked with him. Ironically the group of officers preceded to make sexual comments and try and make hook-ups with my models.

We were forced to leave the city of Long Beach so we went to Wilmington and Lomita where the police were less active and continued our shooting of the Motel Tour. No fuzz - no fuss - no bust."

All prints are individually created to order. As a result, there can be slight variations from print to print. Each print is 11" x 17" and is printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper (Noritsu 3111 or Noritsu 3411). But Liezel approves each print as they are created and signs the print as her written approval of the print.

This is a limited edition of 250 pieces. Once the edition is sold out, this print will not be offered for sale again. Because each print is made when you order it, there can be a slight delay in shipping.

**All Photos Are (c) Liezel Rubin - All Right Reserved. Please contact Liezel Rubin for permission to use photos.

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